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“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

– Joseph Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century as a series of mind-body exercises targeting the deep stabilizing muscles around the abdomen and spine to strengthen the whole body. Joseph called his exercise method, “Contrology”, the practice of controlled movement with regulated breathing. Joseph Pilates complemented his exercises with a variety of equipment, called "apparatus". Each apparatus builds upon basic mat work by introducing resistance to enhance flexibility, strength, mobility, body alignment and core stability.


Pilates has since evolved through modern theories of exercise science. By incorporating biomechanical principles into movement, Pilates helps people of all ages to develop body strength, flexibility and endurance without building bulk or stressing joints. Pilates helps to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. Strengthening these internal deep stabilizers also promotes proper alignment of the body to alleviate back, shoulder and neck pain and to move with ease and with better energy.


Joseph Pilates

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

– Joseph Pilates


Benefits of Pilates

  • • Develop core strength & stability
    Your core muscles are located in your abdomen, lower back, hip and pelvic regions. They are essential for everyday tasks such as walking, lifting groceries, and even sitting! Activating core muscles helps to keep your spine and pelvis stable which promotes safer and more efficient movement throughout the body.
  • • Workout your entire body
    Pilates exercises apply the basis of core strength to create strong and supple peripheral muscles (arms and legs) providing a whole body workout.
  • • Assist post-rehabilitation and recovery from injuries
    Pilates exercises can target specific muscle groups and help in rebalancing and strengthening them through controlled and slow movements. The exercises have minimal impact on joints and can be tailored based on specific needs.
  • • Alleviate back pain
    Pilates strengthens the core and increases awareness of proper posture to restore the natural curves of the spine and release pressure on your back muscles.
  • • Improve posture
    Mr. Joseph Pilates once said “Civilization impaires physical fitness”. Hunching over a desk in front of a computer screen, texting on a phone, slumping on a couch watching tv all take a considerable toll on body posture and create muscular imbalances. Pilates works to strengthen weak muscles and restore balance.
  • • Appropriate for all ages
    Pilates can benefit people of all ages by incorporating modifications for different body types and physical abilities while maintaining the essence of the exercise.
  • • Enhance mental health and improve concentration
    Pilates connects body and mind through controlled movements that requires concentration and focus. It also incorporates full breathing along with the exercise to help relax muscles, alleviate unnecessary tension and encourage focus to create mindful exercise.
  • • Boost athletic performance
    Whether you golf, play tennis, cycling, or swim (you name it), Pilates enhances your athletic performance. The workout moves the body in all 3 planes to help strengthen and rebalance muscles that are overworked or underused. The emphasis on healthy biomechanics also helps your body to move efficiently.
  • • Promote prenatal /postnatal health and recovery
    Your body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy and, in particular, strains especially around the pelvis and lower back. Pilates focuses on pelvic and spinal alignment to maintain a good posture and to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the growing uterus. Pilates not only helps you to stay fit, it also ensures your body continues to move in a safe and efficient way. After giving birth, Pilates helps the body to recover and regain strength.
  • • Increase strength and flexibility
    The controlled movements of Pilates can target specific muscle groups and strengthen muscles that are normally underused during typical gym workouts but are crucial for healthy everyday movements. It combines static and dynamic stretching exercises to improve flexibility. Pilates works on lengthening and contracting muscles and increasing range of motion of the joints. Good flexibility helps to prevent injuries and improve posture.
  • • Prevents injuries
    Pilates emphasizes correct pelvic, spinal, shoulder girdle alignment while moving limbs which provides stability and prevents injuries.
Why Pilates
About Instructor

Founder & Instructor

Carolyn discovered Pilates in 2010 when she was looking for a solution to alleviate chronic neck and shoulder pains while working in a corporate office. She quickly found the benefits of Pilates to be transformative. Through increased body awareness, Carolyn developed improved postural alignment within herself.


As her discovery of Pilates continued she noticed the exercise required strong mental concentration in order to mobilize the body in controlled movements. This strong mental focus created more space in her mind, similar to the effect of meditation, providing psychologically uplifting support to complement Carolyn’s physical training.


Carolyn has continued to use Pilates as a tool to build strength and create balance for her body and mind. The effect of feeling centered and energised after each practice has kept her on the path of Pilates. 

As an enthusiastic and a consistent practitioner of Pilates, Carolyn completed her first Pilates instructor certification in 2016 and has continued to passionately pursue further certifications and courses. She finds human anatomy fascinating and believes everyone could enjoy and benefit from practicing Pilates.


Carolyn teaches functional and challenging exercises to help her clients restore muscle balance and improve body strength in a biomechanically healthy way. As in her own life, Carolyn helps clients to incorporate Pilates into their daily lives by mastering the principles of safe and efficient movement. 

Originally from Taiwan, Carolyn studied in the U.S. and received a Bachelor degree in Business from New York University. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.


Carolyn Kao

Uplift Pilates Founder & Instructor


  • STOTT PILATES® Injuries and Special Populations, 2021

  • Trained Diastasis Recti Recovery Specialist with Carolyne Anthony, 2020 (online)

  • Total Barre®  Certified Instructor, 2019

  • STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor Reformer Level 1,  2019

  • Pre/Post Natal Certification (Pilates International Academy),  2018

  • Pilates Instructor All Populations Mat 1 (Pilates International Academy),  2016

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